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Public Offer Agreement

Public offer agreement Marlena LLC, represented by the online store marlena.su (hereinafter the SELLER), publishes this agreement, which is a public offer agreement to both individuals and legal entities (hereinafter the BUYER) about the following:

p. 1. Subject of the contract offer

1.1. The SELLER agrees to transfer ownership to the BUYER, and the BUYER agrees to pay and accept the goods ordered in the online store marlena.su (hereinafter referred to as the GOODS).

p. 2. The moment of conclusion of the contract

2.1. The text of this Agreement is a public offer (in accordance with Article 435 and Part 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

2.2. The fact of filling out the ORDER of GOODS at the SELLER, either independently or through the operator, is the unconditional acceptance of this Agreement, and the BUYER is considered as a person who entered into a contractual relationship with Marlena LLC.

2.3. The ORDERING of the GOODS and the calculation is carried out by ordering by the BUYER in the online store marlena.su.


3.1. Due to the different technical specifications of the displays, the color of the PRODUCT may differ from that presented on the site.

3.2. Characteristics and appearance of the GOODS may differ from the photos and descriptions on the site.

p. 4. The price of the GOODS

4.1. Prices in the online store are indicated in rubles per unit of GOODS.

4.2. The price for the provision of services for delivery, unloading, GOODS are indicated depending on the characteristics of the goods (weight) and place of delivery and are more precisely coordinated with the BUYER.

4.3. The total ORDER amount, which is indicated in the "Basket" section in the "Total" line, does not include the cost of delivery.


5.1. In case of cash payment, the BUYER is obliged to pay the SELLER the price of the GOODS at the time of its transfer, and the SELLER is obliged to provide the BUYER with sales receipt or other document confirming the payment of the GOODS.

5.2. In the non-cash form of payment, the BUYER’s obligation to pay the GOODS price is considered fulfilled from the moment of crediting the relevant funds in the amount of 100% (one hundred percent) of the prepayment to the SELLER’s current account with the details specified in clause 13 of this AGREEMENT.

5.3. In the non-cash form of payment, delay in payment by the BUYER of the price of the GOODS for a period of more than 5 (five) days is a material violation of this agreement. In this case, the SELLER has the right to unilaterally refuse to execute this contract by notifying the BUYER about this.

5.4. GOODS are delivered to the BUYER at prices, name, in the amount corresponding to the invoice paid by the BUYER.

p. 6. Delivery of goods

6.1. BUYING THE GOODS TO THE BUYER is carried out at the address and within the time agreed with the BUYER and the SELLER’s manager when placing the ORDER, or the BUYER independently picks up the goods from the SELLER’s warehouse at Moscow, Ostapovsky Drive, 5, bldg. 1, office 103, BC “ Contact".

6.2. The exact cost of delivery of the GOODS is determined by the SELLER’s manager when placing the order and cannot be changed after agreement with the BUYER.

6.3. If the BUYER has not arrived or has not taken the necessary actions to receive the GOODS, this may be considered as the BUYER's refusal to execute the AGREEMENT.

p. 7. Goods warranties 7.1 All products sold in the marlena.su online store have all the necessary quality certificates.

p. 8. Rights and obligations of the parties

8.1. SELLER agrees:

8.1.1. Not to disclose any private information of the BUYER and not to provide access to this information to third parties, with the exception of cases provided for by Russian law.

8.1.2. Provide the BUYER with the opportunity to receive free telephone consultations by phone numbers indicated on the store website (marlena.su) or through the feedback form. The scope of consultations is limited to specific issues related to the implementation of the ORDER.

8.1.3. Reserves the right to amend this AGREEMENT unilaterally until its conclusion.

8.2. BUYER agrees:

8.2.1. Prior to the conclusion of the AGREEMENT, familiarize yourself with the contents of the offer contract, the terms of payment and delivery on the store’s website or by phone numbers indicated on the website (marlena.su).

8.2.2. Provide reliable information about yourself (name, contact numbers, email address) and details for the delivery of the GOODS.

8.2.3. Accept and pay for the GOODS within the terms specified in this AGREEMENT.

p. 9. Responsibility of the parties and dispute resolution

9.1. The parties are responsible for non-performance or improper performance of this AGREEMENT in the manner prescribed by this AGREEMENT and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.