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Elegant women's underwear is a dream of any girl. It adds femininity and even mystery. Despite the fact that this is an intimate part of the wardrobe, it significantly affects the creation of a particular image.

Women's underwear can be practical for everyday wear or refined with spectacular decor elements for special occasions. It can even tell you about the mood and character of its owner. Therefore, it is important that every lady's wardrobe has only fashionable and bright things.

Brad "Milliner" has a strong position in the market of clothing and underwear for many years and knows a lot about fashion trends in these areas. We are happy to offer our partners European quality fabrics and high-quality tailoring. Our women's underwear is made on modern production in Italy. We have combined the features of Milanese fashion with practicality to create clothes for any occasion.

Our range includes underwear, leggings, t-shirts, bodysuits and shapewear for women. You can choose products of different styles and colors.

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